About Us

La Maison D’Hibou is owned by two couples, Mark & Debbie and Chris & Helen. We started visiting France over 30 years ago and immediately fell in love it. Whilst our families holidayed together in the Dordogne in 1997 we had a crazy idea about owning our own place and this has led to us being the custodians of a house standing in one of the most unspoilt corners of rural France.
We have been welcoming guests since 1999, so If you fancy a complete change, an opportunity to escape but want to keep the costs down and not travel too far, allow us to invite you your family or your friends to come and relax in the unspoilt heart of the French countryside and adjust to the LMD pace of life - Bonnes Vacances.


Year property purchased: 1999


Why this location?

Our previous holidays had taught us that France is a BIG country and when you've got kids in tow, that matters. We drew an arc on a map; this was our maximum travelling distance from the channel. We decided on the Poitou-Charentes area. This was before the explosion in ‘Place in the Sun’ type programmes and, after independently looking at a number of properties, out of nowhere came our dream house set in a peaceful hamlet. It was a four way decision and we all had to agree – we did, and immediately fell in love with La Maison D'Hibou so on the drive home our decision was made.